Industrial PC 35 Years of Reliability
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Industrial Monitor Lines

The various industrial monitor designs

Front designs for built-in industrial monitor with rear threaded bolts in a 19-inch rack or without front panel

Built-in industrial monitor

  • front designs for easy installation
  • Front IP65 protection
The chassis design monitors have a sturdy sheet-steel housing and can be mounted virtually anywhere using a rear VESA mounting interface

Monitors for VESA mounting

  • sturdy sheet-steel housing
  • VESA mounting interface
Manufactured entirely from stainless steel; Completely IP65-protected

Stainless steel Industrial LCD (IP65)

  • Entirely from stainless steel
  • Completely IP65-protected
Within sturdy housing; Completely IP65-protected

Enclosed Panel PCs (up to IP65)

  • Within sturdy housing
  • Completely IP65-protected
Industrial monitor front with keyboard (IP65); Also as enclosed system

Monitors with front control panel

  • Monitor front with keyboard (IP65)
  • Also as enclosed system
Industrial monitor solutions with 2-finger multi-touch

Multi-Touch-Screen Industrial LCD

  • Projected capacitive multi touch
  • 2-finger operation

Industrial monitors from TL Electronic

Because of the often harsh fields of application that TFT LCD industrial monitors are destined for, these types of monitor need to fulfil or guarantee three key functions. In addition to an increased level of robustness, this specifically includes reliability and a certain level of flexibility in their application. Strictly speaking, this means that industrial monitors – just like panel PCs – need to be fail-safe, durable and thus suitable for industrial use. This robust design not only needs to provide protection against mechanical influences but also, depending on requirements, resistance against water, dirt and dust. Generally, these specialised industrial monitors are required when the monitor needs to be located away from the computer for technical reasons. Our product range offers customers top quality products that we can, of course, adapt for all possible industrial sectors or to suit the specific requirements and wishes of our customers and certainly hold up to comparison with other top manufacturers (for example, Siemens etc.). Although industrial monitors are inherently very durable due to their robust design, there are of course limits to the resistance levels provided by the standard versions of our monitors. If extreme sturdiness is required in addition to an increased protection type, the products of choice are solutions that are encased in a stable monitor housing that offers all-round protection.

The industrial monitor range

Our range of industrial monitors starts with the built-in TFT LCD monitors suitable for panel-mount (IP65) or open-frame installation that we can supply in a range of sizes from 10.4" to 46". The models in this series are optionally available either with or without a touch screen (depending on model). The next category of monitors consists of the TFT LCD chassis monitors (10.4" to 19"/21.5" to 27"/32" to 46") that are available with a sturdy metal housing in a chassis monitor design and in the formats 4:3 and 16:9. Our multi-touch screen monitors (15" to 21.5") are fitted with a capacitive touch screen (2 finger) on a planar glass surface without dirt-collecting edges and are available as built-in or chassis versions.

Stainless steel industrial monitors protected to IP65

This industrial monitor is manufactured exclusively from stainless steel and is designed for use in locations that are exposed to harshly corrosive influences. The all-round protection of these IP65-compliant monitors (15" to 21.5") also makes them ideally suited for areas requiring constant cleaning (e.g. food industry, chemicals industry, medical technology, plant engineering). In addition, the monitor housing of these extremely robust industrial monitors is easy to clean and, in accordance with the IP65 standard, 100% protected against any contact with dirt and water – including all interfaces. The supplied connection cables for these industrial monitors are also fully protected as per IP65.

Industrial monitors with all-round IP65 protection

This is a unique industrial monitor that provides comparable protection and safety to an IP65 panel PC. Its complete protection is primarily achieved thanks to the resistant housing: the stable aluminium profiles covering the industrial monitor keep mechanical influences, dirt, dust and moisture at bay. The same protection is provided for the mains adapter and for the connections, which are located entirely within the monitor housing. The cables can be fed in from either above or below the monitor through leak-tight grommets. These high-tech products are completely dust-proof, totally protected against accidental contact and provide all-round protection against water spray. We offer 15", 17" and 19" industrial monitors with all-round IP65 protection in the housing version required by the customer, as well as with stand, support arm or wall mounting sets. In addition, these types of industrial monitors can be flexibly and easily mounted on a range of surfaces – even on ceilings – using a variety of tilt and swivel adapters or extension elements.