Industrial PC 35 Years of Reliability
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Industrial PC Systems

The various industrial PC designs

19-inch / 2U to 4U rack-mount industrial PC

Industrial PC for the 19-inch rack

  • ClassicLine 2U to 4U rack-mount
  • front IP54 protection optional
  • up to 14 expansion slots
BoxedLine wall-mount industrial PC systems

Wall-mountable industrial PC

  • BoxedLine wall-mount systems
  • housing made in Germany
  • customer specific adjustments
compace industrial PC with up to 2 expansion slots

Embedded / Box PC

  • EmbeddedLine compace industrial PC
  • Atom™ to Core™-i embedded systems
  • up to 4 expansion slots
long term available Desktop industrial PC

Desktop industrial PC

  • DeskLine industrial PC
  • long term available housing made in Germany
  • full industrial capability

Industrial PC systems from TL Electronic

The industrial PCs from TL Electronic are exclusively industrial computers that have been specially designed for a wide variety of tasks and can be utilised in a broad range of industrial sectors. Our industrial PCs stand out because of their ability to withstand the development of dust, dirt and moisture or the high or low temperatures that often prevail in many areas of industry without experiencing any loss in functionality. In addition, an industrial PC from TL Electronics is robust enough for use even in the harshest conditions. Our extensive offering of services and PC solutions allows us to provide our wide range of industrial customers not only with hardware products tailored to their specific requirements and wishes but also with comprehensive and expert advice as well as ongoing support. Our customers also have the option to contact our service technicians directly at any time to receive quick and professional technical support or assistance. In the case of malfunctions and installation issues with the industrial PCs, our service team also ensures that solutions are found quickly and issues resolved promptly – while avoiding any major bureaucratic hurdles.

Industrial PC lines – industrial PCs and panel PCs

One thing that sets our IPCs apart from many competitors is the fact that they are particularly suitable for long-term series production. The robust housings of our IPCs are “Made in Germany” and assembled at our production site in Bergkirchen. Naturally, the manufacturing process is flexibly designed to cater to all customer requirements. Our technicians configure the desired Industrial PC based on the client’s specifications and ensure the structural components of the PC correspond to all customer requirements using high-quality components in accordance with our quality management system (complies with all the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004).

“ClassicLine” industrial PC for the 19" rack

One of our popular products is the “ClassicLine” industrial PC that has been adapted for use on a 19" rack with 2 to 4 rack units. We offer this product line in models with up to 7 expansion slots that are manufactured using an ATX mainboard. Alternatively, we can manufacture these industrial PCs using a slot CPU card (incl. backplane) with up to 14 expansion slots or, if desired, with IP54 protection on the front of the PC.

“BoxedLine” and “DeskLine”

In the “BoxedLine” product series, we offer our customers special industrial box PCs for wall mounting or installation in a control cabinet. Our “DeskLine” desktop industrial computers stand out not only due to their robust design but also their long-term availability. The housing for this product line is also “Made in Germany” and the PCs are available from us in models with up to 7 expansion slots based on an ATX mainboard.

“EmbeddedLine EL211x”

These embedded compact industrial PCs are defined by their 1 or 2 PCI slots and their long-term availability. The mechanics and design of these embedded PCs can also be tailored to customer-specific requirements and they can be mounted almost anywhere.

Panel versions

In this area of production, we offer a broad range of panel computers that are designed for panel mounting. The possible variants of panel PCs available include panel PCs in a chassis, panel PCs for in-wall installation and panel computers with stainless steel housings.

The “Burn-In” test and the “Form-Fit Function”

Every single industrial computer or panel PC manufactured by TL Electronic is subjected to a final and routine internal “burn-in” test that lasts a minimum of 24 hours (optionally 48 hours) to identify any potential problems. The PCs are expected to successfully complete a range of different test programmes under continuous load and are continuously monitored and logged. Our ongoing and guaranteed “form-fit function” programme enables customers to take on longer-term industrial projects of up to five years. What is more, our customers also benefit from the traceability of the serial numbers at a component level, which enables us to reproduce our computer products at any time.