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Panel PC - a finished product with added value

The various Panel PC designs

Front designs for built-in Panel PC with rear threaded bolts in a 19-inch rack or without front panel

Panel PC built-in systems

  • Various front designs for easy installation
  • Front IP65 protection on all Panel PC front panels
  • With touch screen or protective glass pane
The chassis design Panel PCs have a sturdy sheet-steel housing and can be mounted virtually anywhere using a rear VESA mounting interface

Panel PC for VESA mounting

  • Chassis designs with sturdy sheet-steel housing
  • VESA mounting interface on Panel PC rear
  • With touch screen or protective glass pane
Manufactured entirely from stainless steel; Completely IP65-protected

Stainless steel Panel PC (IP65)

  • Entirely from stainless steel
  • Completely IP65-protected
Within sturdy housing; Completely IP65-protected

Enclosed Panel PCs (up to IP65)

  • Within sturdy housing
  • Completely IP65-protected
Panel PC front with keyboard (IP65); Also as enclosed system

Panel PCs with front control panel

  • Panel PC front with keyboard (IP65)
  • Also as enclosed system

The various CPU platforms

Intel® Core™ i3 CPU Intel® Core™ i5 CPU Intel® Core™ i7 CPU

Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7

  • 1st Generation (Nehalem)
  • 2nd Generation (Sandy Bridge)
  • 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge)
  • 4th Generation (Haswell)
Intel® Atom™ CPU

Intel® Atom™ D

  • Atom™ D2550 (2 × 1.86 GHz)
Intel® Celeron CPU

Intel® Celeron „Bay Trail“

  • Celeron® N2930 (4 × 1.83 GHz)

Panel PCs from TL Electronic

Our extensive portfolio of industry-compatible PCs for diverse applications also includes a broad range of panel PC models that have also been designed for use in industry and comparable environments. We can deliver these specialised industrial panel computers in any desired size and in any required combination as well as for almost every conceivable requirement. Thanks to the extensive range of technical capabilities offered by our production facilities, we can deliver these systems in modular designs tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. In principle, a panel PC unit consists of a computer and a display that can also be optionally equipped with touch screen functionality. All of our panel computer products are carefully manufactured and processed in accordance with our strict ISO-9001-certified quality assurance system and subjected to a 24-hour burn-in stress test before delivery.

Fields of application for panel PC systems

These specialised industrial PCs are usually installed in control cabinets, control panels and consoles or they can also be freely mounted. Typical fields of application for this type of industrial PC include production or assembly lines or areas where manufacturing processes need to be run and monitored automatically. Therefore, a panel device is ideally suited for visualisation tasks that are carried out directly on the production machinery. Because of the environmental conditions found in these various application areas, our industrial PCs are designed to provide an extra degree of robustness and temperature resistance.

Completely protected panel computers

These computers are recognisable by their special protective functions and their corresponding IP rating codes “IP65” or “IP54” and are cased in sturdy and slim protective housings made of high-strength aluminium profiles. They have been constructed to provide complete protection from any form of contact with water, dust, dirt, etc. This high level of protection is achieved due to complete encasement in a highly resistant all-round housing which safeguards the panel computer. In addition, all connections are located inside the housing, whereby the required cables are fed into the computer from the outside through leak-tight grommets.

The ControlLine CC800-IP65 series – our latest system concept

This new product is our latest offering to customers in our stainless steel panel PC range. The ControlLine CC800-IP65 series consists of a panel PC with a stainless steel housing including a hinged door. The door for this PC can be located on the left or the right depending on the customer’s requirements. This product series also has all of the required connections protected within the interior of the housing in the same way as the IP65 PCs with aluminium housings. The placement of the cable inlets can also be tailored according to need. The cables enter the computer through a leak-tight grommet and the customer can specify whether the connection is from the top, bottom or rear of the system. At the same time, these cable inlets also serve as stable mounting fixtures for the support arm and stand sets that we supply as standard accessories for the ControlLine CC800-IP65 series. This new series of panel PCs can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or floor. But our technicians have not neglected the possibility of installation in more difficult mounting conditions. Thanks to the various tilt and swivel adapters and also angled brackets and extension elements available, we can realise installations in even the most impossible-seeming locations.

Special characteristics and technical data

We can supply the panel PCs in this series with either a 15" (1024 × 768 pixels) or 19" (1280 × 1024 pixels) display diagonal and with a dual-core Atom D2550 processor from Intel. Depending on the task to be performed by the panel PC, we offer a choice of either the standard hard disk or a RAID edition. The capacity of the RAM is between two and four gigabytes. Different solid state drive modules, resistive touch screens and rugged touch screen systems or add-ins with RFID readers, diverse switches and keyboards are just a small selection of the special features offered by our ControlLine CC800-IP65 panel PCs.