Industrial PC 35 Years of Reliability
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Industrial automation technology

process automation portfolio of industrial automation solutions

Measurement, control, adjustment, communication: process automation is an extremely complex field. And the special requirements made on the necessary PC technology are equally demanding. And that is precisely why we offer you such an extensive portfolio of industrial automation solutions.

Compact and versatile scalable embedded systems, fanless (depending on performance class), high-tech computers with extremely high processing power, panel PCs with optional touch screens, various IP protection classes depending on application area. Our industrial computers, embedded PCs and panel PCs are capable of facing any challenge and make the realisation of practically any application a reality.

One thing that is particularly important is the long-term availability of the components (at least five years plus an extended support period of an additional five years). It is just these kinds of demands that TL Electronic specialises in.

Customer-specific solutions at the highest standards

The great variety of possible configurations and equipment features available for industrial PCs and panel PCs make diligent and occasionally intensive consultation absolutely indispensable. That is why our specialists come to you: to get a first-hand picture of the conditions at your site, to discuss all the important details with you and to answer all your questions. Dialogue often leads to highly specialised customer-specific solutions that we implement to the highest standards.

Companies such as Continental, Bayer AG, Rosendahl, BT-Anlagen Bau and Quiss are just a few of many customers who have confidently relied on our consistent high quality over many years.

Marine and “Rugged Use”

Marine and “Rugged Use”

Regardless of whether you are using embedded PCs, panel PC, tablet PCs or industrial LCD monitor: all the products that we offer for use in extreme conditions are capable of withstanding maximal levels of stress and also deliver top quality for a reasonable price.

The armed forces in particular, who often operate on a tight budget, rely on our robust and affordable devices. Practically all of the frigates in the German navy have been equipped with our displays for many years.

Equipped for special requirements

Approvals such as IEC 60945, IEC 61174, EN 50081-1, EN 50082-2, EN 60950, long-term availability of components, salt water-resistant housings, daylight-capable monitors or displays that are dimmable down to 0 candelas per square metre: we design our devices to meet your special requirements.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies and its specific requirements

The future belongs to renewable energies – and we at TL Electronic have made sure that we keep up to date with every major technical advance in this field and its specific requirements.

High load capacities in extremely severe environmental conditions, complex control mechanisms and technologies are the prerequisites for our products in the area of renewable energies.

Severe loads, extreme temperatures

Whether wind turbines are installed in the cold north of Germany, in Holland, Belgium or another part of the world, and whether solar farms are built in southern Italy, in the heat of Spain, in France or other regions that reach high temperatures: the challenge that technology faces is to function perfectly across a spectrum of temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 70 degrees Celsius.

We have developed a number of LCDs, panel PCs and embedded PCs that are specifically capable of withstanding these extremes. Enercon, a worldwide operator of wind turbines, has been relying on the high quality and durability of our products for many years.

Foods and packaging

foods and packaging sector

Hygiene is of the utmost importance in the foods and packaging sector. Because of this, the devices used have to be cleaned at least once a day, if not more often, sometimes with high-pressure cleaning equipment.

But these are not the only loads that the devices have to be able to withstand over the long term. Being located in various environmental conditions from cold wet areas to being sited right next to a conserving oven means that our devices are required to exhibit maximum resistance across the board.

Various features, always robust

At TL Electronic, we have always specialised in these highly specific requirements and offer you the perfect solution: our LCDs and panel PCs in stainless steel IP65 all-round protection housings are corrosion-free and capable of withstanding powerful cleaning agents. And of course, you can have your devices equipped to meet your specific needs: for instance, with a bar code reader, an IP65-sealed USB port, an emergency cut-off or other accessories. There are also a number of possibilities when it comes to mountings: various wall mountings, ceiling brackets or columnar floor stands. We design and build the ideal device for your needs.

Impressive wherever they are used

Whether your company is involved in the visual mapping of manufacturing processes, monitoring recipes or controlling preserving ovens, with milking systems, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or animal feed production: our stainless steel solutions are ideal in every usage scenario thanks to their high stress resistances and trouble-free operation. For years, customers such as Karat and Schwan-Stabilo have been building their systems around solutions that we tailor specifically to their every requirement.

Building automation

Building automation solutions

Adjusting the heating when you are out and about, turning the air-conditioning up or down in the office – and doing it all via your smartphone? It is no longer a futuristic dream. Today’s mobile solutions are becoming reality for ever more people.

Private households can benefit from these developments just as much as commercial companies. Because those who can set their household temperatures to a comfortable level just before they arrive home can save energy costs. And those who are able to book conference rooms online can save time on organisation.

Watching CCTV recordings, programming DVD recorders, setting the washing machine or putting down the roller shutters via the Internet: for those with the right network connections, building management can be carried out completely by remote control. The number of possible applications is unlimited.

New possibilities, new demands

Special demands are made on the required IT and, more specifically, the PC technology, such as low installation depth and reduced energy consumption at high performance. With our low power CPU solutions, we are perfectly equipped to face this challenge. Using “power over Ethernet” or “wake on LAN” the possibilities for building automation are practically unlimited.

Transport and logistics

Industrial transports and logistics

Inventorying warehouse items and registering incoming goods, monitoring guest arrivals at trade fairs or in the measurement and control technology segment of the automobile industry: mobility, multi-functionality and robustness are prerequisites for many PC utilisation areas. And in this respect, robustness means MIL 810F-standard protection against extreme temperatures, air pressure, sunlight, moisture and vibrations.

PC technology for all kinds of tasks

Our industrial tablet PCs and hand-held devices are products that are specially tailored to precisely service the needs of these specific application areas. Versatile connection possibilities such as RFID scanners, bar code readers, WLAN, 3G and GPS set our devices apart in terms of connectivity.

Major temperature fluctuations, high dust exposure: the logistical administration of huge warehouses with up to 120 loading ramps is a major challenge for man and machine. Customers including Beumer, Hermes and Inform are aware of this and that is why they rely on the long-term availability of our highly robust panel PCs.