Industrial PC 35 Years of Reliability
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TL Team – 35 Years of Reliability

35 Years of Reliability

From a specialist supplier of displays to a quality manufacturer of industrial PCs and an expert in custom-made solutions. In 35 years, TL Electronic GmbH has evolved from a one-man operation into a company with 30 employees, 1200 square metres of production space and international branches. Our success factors: a fascination for industrial IT hardware, the pursuit of perfection and the desire to fire our customers’ enthusiasm time and again.

What started out back in 1983 as a single-man operation under the name of Technisches Büro Lehner is today a company operating on an international scale. Over the course of three decades, 24 square metres of office space in Munich’s Euroindustriepark has become 1200 square metres of production space in Bergkirchen-Feldgeding and the company TL Electronic GmbH with 30 committed employees has emerged from the original single-man operation. We have evolved from a specialist supplier of monitors and display technology for systems and mechanical engineering into a quality manufacturer of industrial PCs (since 1998), as well as a Panel PC and LCD tuner. Our customers now come from a multitude of different sectors: from medical technology and the food industry through to the renewable energy sector. And every sector sets different demands for which we develop and implement individual solutions to a high standard.

Growth achieved hand-in-hand with advances in IT technology

Industrial information technology was still in its infancy in 1983. Tube technology was the technological standard back then and control options such as multi-touch technology were regarded at best as futuristic visions. But information technology evolved rapidly and the Technisches Büro Lehner kept pace with these advances. The product range was soon expanded, the company renamed as TL Electronic GmbH, in-house developments were undertaken and a quality assurance system was introduced as early as 1999. The continued expansion of the company premises and the growing number of employees led our company to relocate from Munich’s Euroindustriepark to Garching-Hochbrück in eastern Munich and ultimately to Bergkirchen-Feldgeding in 2008. Under the leadership of partners Stefan Götz and Michael Mohr, TL Electronic is still dedicated here to achieving the same goal today as 35 years ago: to fire our customers’ enthusiasm time and again through quality and reliability. And our branch in Austria has also been devoted to this goal since 2005, as has our Italian branch since 2006.

Customer benefits combined with quality and cost efficiency

Stefan Götz, Michael Mohr

Stefan Götz: “One of our success factors has certainly always been our fascination with industrial IT hardware, something which has only grown over the years. In addition, there was our pursuit of solutions that were perfectly suited to our customers. Thus we have evolved from a specialist supplier to a manufacturer and tuner, whereby our key focus is on the IT automation sector. Our top priority in everything we do is to combine individual customer benefits with cost efficiency and quality.”

Our strength lies in custom-made solutions

Michael Mohr: “Today it is rare for a device to leave our production line in its standard version. We invest over 80 percent of our resources in customer adaptations, something that has developed into one of our strengths. This includes flexibly deployable Panel PCs, industrial quality PCs with particularly high long-term benefits and extremely robust or sealed devices for high stress applications such as those featuring extreme dust generation, liquids or disinfectants or extreme temperatures from minus 15 to plus 70 degrees Celsius. No matter which specific solution our customers outline for us, we find the best custom-made solution and implement it in just the right way.”

Innovations for further growth

Stefan Götz: “We really have come a long way over the last 35 years. We have developed mobile multi-talented solutions for industry and logistics, as well as highly robust control PCs for automobile production. Visualisation solutions for a track measurement system under the heat of the African sun and for use in crude oil extraction in the icy conditions of northern Scandinavia have also originated from our factory. That makes us proud and also spurs us on: Here at TL Electronic, we will continue to exploit the rapid advances in the industrial IT sector and continue to grow by taking on new challenges.”

We are ready for new trends an important player on the market

Michael Mohr: “Particularly in the last ten years, our importance on the market within the industrial IT hardware segment has grown significantly and today we rank amongst the most important players in the industrial PC and panel PC business segments. We will continue to develop this position even further over the next few years. The steadily growing importance of IT within the industry and trends such as multi-touch operation present huge development opportunities for us in this respect.”

Our mission for the future

“35 years of reliability” – with this slogan we look back here at TL Electronic over our successful company history while also defining our mission for the future: to continue to win over our customers in every respect through custom-made solutions, comprehensive service and reliability as a quality manufacturer of IT hardware.