Industrial PC 35 Years of Reliability
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Industrial PCs and panel PCs are prepared and refined in our 1200 m² production environment.

This is how we manufacture for genuine customer benefits!

Industrial computer ventilator fans in ESD environment
Hard disk with serial number registration
Burn-in room with panel PCs ready for testing
Service work on panel PC systems
Safely connected: finishing on an industrial PC system

ESD-Protected Production Environment

Our manufacturing space at the Bergkirchen branch covers a total of 1200 m² – as a completely self-contained ESD-protected area.

Earthed floor, ESD-capable work tables, chairs, shelving, clothing and shoes – we’ve thought of everything, and we manufacture your units in a continuous ESD-protected production process. All of these measures serve to avoid damage to electronic components by electrostatic discharge – a dreaded occurrence, and one which often remains unnoticed until much later.

Serial Number Traceability

A further investment in customer benefits is the use of serial numbers, first introduced in 2004, which allows us to trace every individual component installed in an industrial PC or panel PC, right up to the smallest detail. On the one hand this allows us to make exact reproductions of our products, and on the other we can respond quickly if we become aware that faulty components were used in a particular batch. We can implement immediate preventative measures for units already in use.

Burn-in Stress Test

Before delivery to the customer every industrial PC and panel PC is subject to a long-term “burn-in” stress test for a minimum of 24 hours (optionally for 48 hours), which is carried out in a test chamber. This final routine check, which we have been doing for many years, is permanently monitored and documented while the test programmes perform a variety of procedures to test the durability of the machine. This allows us to prevent possible malfunctions in advance.

“Ready-to-Run” Options

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